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Gorgeous Gents


Indy of JCJC Bengals

Quadruple Grand Champion Snow Mink Bengal

Indy is not owned by Belle Ame Bengals. He is the much-loved and highly revered sire of JCJC Bengals. There is no question about it, not only is Indy a highly decorated champion Bengal but he also produces the most stunning kittens. Belle Ame Bengals are highly blessed to be working with JCJC Bengals. Indy is not available for open stud so if you purchase a kitten from either Belle Ame or JCJC Bengals you can be sure you are buying from a well-protected line.

Skye & Barnaby_edited.jpg

Indy & Arya's litter

Bengal champions of the future?

If you are looking for a quality kitten you won't be disappointed with a kitten from Belle Ame Bengals

Sire: Males
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