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Our Queens

Meet the Gorgeous Girls


Stunning Snow Sepia Bengal

From the minute Arya came home to us she has completely captivated our hearts. Her stunning markings and playful personality are an unbeatable combination. She loves to play fetch and is happiest when climbing up high, be that on the top of doors, the bookcase, or the cooker chimney hood. Arya had her first litter in September 2021 and proved to be a wonderful mother.

Arya .jpeg


Brown Sheeted Marble Bengal

Sansa was the first Bengal to join our home. She was bred by JCJC Bengals. Sansa is very intelligent and enjoys being challenged with different games and activities. Sansa has been trained to sit, lie down, and rollover! Who said dogs are more fun than cats ;-)

2021 Sansa.jpg
Queens: Females
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