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The loyalty of cats.

Cats are notorious for being independent and are often described as fickle beings with little loyalty. How many times have you heard someone say "they'll go to whoever feeds them"? or " they always have more than one home"? In the UK we have commonly allowed cats to roam freely, even going to the length of modifying our homes with cat flaps which allow them to come and go as they please. As such there can be some truth in the above statements but I'll be honest if someone was offering me cake every time I stopped around to see them, I would definitely be visiting them again.

However, what is also true is that cats come back, always. Cats truly are loyal to their owners. I'll never forget 2008, we lived in Essex and a friend had come to stay at our home for a fortnight as her husband had deployed and she was lonely. She had 2 Siamese cats Kayla & Kya, naturally being a lover of the furry little balls I invited her to bring them with her. Sadly one evening Kya ran out of the house and appeared to have been hit by a car as she darted from the front door. Understandably my friend was distraught, we spent a lot of time searching but could not find Kya anywhere. We resolved that she must have taken herself off to die as cats sometimes do. However, we couldn't just forget about her, whether she was alive or dead we needed to find her, so we advertised and searched everywhere but we couldn't find Kya.

Just over a week later, it was time for my friend to return home. With a heavy heart, she packed her car up and put her one remaining cat in the carrier. We said goodbye and I promised I would keep an eye out and respond immediately to any calls about Kya but none came. A few weeks past and I acknowledge I had pretty much given up any hope of ever finding Kya. Then one evening I was on a call to my mother-in-law when I heard a strange sound, it sounded like it was coming from my garden. I searched but couldn't find anything and the noise stopped. I walked back into my house reflecting on how strange the sound was and how bizarre it was that it had just stopped. Almost as soon as those words left my mouth the sound returned, this time I looked up and to my absolute astonishment there was Kya sitting on top of my fridge freezer! I couldn't believe my eyes and my brain could barely comprehend that Kya was really in my house and ALIVE! She looked a bit rough and she was timid but as soon as I video called my friend she burst into tears her much-beloved cat had returned to the last place she had seen her loving human. So do I think cats are loyal? Yes, 100% unequivocally.

This is Kya, sadly she has now passed over the rainbow bridge but she had a number of years with her human after that fateful night.

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