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New Litters

2022 Barnaby .jpg


Snow Sepia Bengal

We are especially proud of Barnaby one of the first kittens born to Goldnglitz Arya of Belle Ame Bengals and Quadruple Grand Champion Xanadubengals Indy of JCJC Bengals. Barnaby has a calm, loving personality and is extremely easygoing.  Barnaby found his furever home on 16/01/2022. You can follow his adventures on instagram  Barnaby (@barnaby_the_bengal) • Instagram photos and videos

2021 Skye - Arya's kitten _edited_edited_edited.jpg


Snow Sepia Bengal

Skye was also born in the first litter of Goldnglitz Arya of Belle Ame Bengals and Quadruple Grand Champion Xanadubengals Indy of JCJC Bengals.

As might be expected Skye is a perfect example of the Bengal breed. She is very curious and playful and gets on well with other animals. 

Skye is currently under evaluation for our own breeding programme 

Arya 1st litter .jpg

TICA Registered Bengal Kittens; future litters

Waiting list - A unique experience

Understandably as an ethical cat breeder, our kittens are sought after. This can mean that we have a number of people contacting us about the same kitten. One way to avoid disappointment and also to have the unique experience of watching your kitten grow from conception to homecoming is to join our waiting list, which is so much more than a waiting list, it's an experience!  

It only costs 10% of the kittens' value to join the waiting list and in return, you will receive regular videos and photos throughout their time with us.  You will also be amongst the first to choose your kitten. If you are first on the waiting list you will choose first and so on. We also allocate by gender so if you have a preference of gender please let us know.  When the kittens have had their 1st vaccinations at 8 weeks you can come and visit them in person (covid restrictions permitting) and make your choice then. 

We are expecting our next litter in March 2022. If you would like to join our waiting list please contact us to discuss. 

2022 Skye _edited_edited.jpg

A Belle Ame Kitten

Where health and temperament are prioritised.

We care about cats, especially the Bengal breed! This is a passion for us, as such, we invest a lot of time into our kittens. Our first priority is their health so we always ensure our kittens are health checked by a vet at 8 weeks or sooner if we have any concerns. All of our kittens are doubly vaccinated, treated with flea and worm prevention, and neutered or spayed according to gender. We will never knowingly rehome an unhealthy kitten. Our queens are PK-def and PRAb clear by parentage. We know the pedigree lines and are unaware of any serious health issues in their lines, this informed our choice of queens. 

We believe socialisation is key to reducing any potential behavioural problems in the future. As such the kittens are raised 'under foot' in our family home, meaning they live indoors with our family until they come home to you. We have young adults and teenage children in our home and also other pets (see companions page). We also have a number of young nieces and nephews who stay with us so your kitten will be used to humans of all ages. 

We appreciate that purchasing a TICA registered pedigree cat is a considerable purchase and one you do not want to make lightly. It should matter that you find the right breeder, even before you find the right kitten and we fully understand this. As such you are welcome to contact us to discuss our breeding programme at any time, even if we do not have kittens available right now, we understand you may be looking to join our waiting list. 

Kittens: Available Pets
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